Man Arrested in New Jersey Security Breach

by Ella FAIRCHILD on January 13, 2010

After a young man was able to sneak an explosive device through two international airports in an attempt to blow up a Trans-Atlantic flight heading to Detroit, airports around the world had to step up and re-evaluate their security measures.  This has led to a string of additional incidents around the world in which people were arrested due to the heightened security.  In one case, three men were pulled off of a flight leaving from Heathrow and arrested after they made threats to the cabin crew about blowing up the plane.  Although no device was found and the three men claim it was just a bad joke, all incidents will be treated very seriously under new security measures that are being implemented all over the world.

Another incident involved the Newark Airport, which had to be shut down after a man breached security.  Not only were all people inside of the airport forced to go through the security check again, but the flights that were on the runway preparing to take off had to be emptied and searched as the passengers aboard were being sent through security once again.  As one can imagine, this caused major delays and backups of flights as it took several hours to re-search all of the passengers.  The man, Haisong Jiang, a twenty eight year old from New Jersey was arrested for the incident.  He was able to slip into a secure, off limits area which is what triggered the alarm.  The man claims he was just kissing a woman goodbye, but no threat can taken too lightly.

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