Man Robs Car Rental Agency with Knife

by Ella FAIRCHILD on September 11, 2009

An airport car rental employee and her manager were both injured with a man stole a rental car at knifepoint.  The employee of Payless Car Rental in San Diego had a knife held to her throat as the man tried to steal a rental car which had just been returned.  The woman was in the process of returning the car to the lot when a Hispanic man jumped into the car, held a knife to her throat and tried to force her into the back seat of the car.

The woman, who refused to comply with his requests, was then thrown out of the vehicle as the man sped off.  In addition to the female employee, the manager of Payless Car Rental was also injured when he attempted to help.  The man, who ran to aid the woman, was hit by the open car door just as he arrived on the scene. 

This led to yet another employee getting involved, as a male member of the Payless Car Rental staff sped after the man in a car.  After seeing two of his fellow employees injured, the man jumped into another of the agencies rental cars and chased after the man, but was unable to catch him before the man disappeared onto the interstate.

The man was described as a Latino man in his thirties who was just over five feet tall and was wearing a black jacket and black jeans.  Police still have no suspects in the case, and the manager who was hit by the car is still being treated in a local hospital.

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