Man Travels the World by Bike

by Emily DUNBAR on September 17, 2009

A Japanese man who wanted to prove that one could travel the world without a large amount of money set out on an eight year odyssey on his bicycle, in which he saw thirty seven different countries.  He also wanted to show that one could see the world without much help from trains, planes, or automobiles.  What started as a bike tour around Japan turned into an eight year adventure in which the man never returned to his home in Japan.

Keiichi Iwasaki set out on his bike for a tour around Japan, but he was having such a good time that he decided to continue, so he caught a ferry to South Korea where his epic adventure began.  This journey has now culminated in Iwasaki peddling more than forty five thousand kilometers on his bicycle and seeing more than thirty countries.

Iwasaki’s tales from his trip sound like something out of a fairy tale or children’s story, but after eight years on the road, Iwasaki can safely say that he has seen it all.  He was arrested in India and had his bike and money stolen by pirates, he was nearly married in Nepal, and almost died when a rabid dog attacked him while cycling through Tibet.

Iwasaki has gone through five bikes on the trip; two have been stolen, but most just gave into simple wear and tear.  But fatigue and disrepair did not stop Iwasaki, who was more proud of the fact that he climbed Mount Everest during his adventures.

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