Many Traveling with Invalid Insurance

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on December 24, 2009

Travel insurance has become a popular and inexpensive way for holidaymakers to protect themselves as they head out to travel.  This holiday season has seen thousands of Brits buying such insurance before they leave on their holiday vacations.  Most feel that this gives them adequate coverage against any unforeseen problems that may occur while they are away from home.  Although travel has been down overall, the amount of travel insurance purchased is actually up, as a higher percentage of those traveling are choosing to do so under the coverage of insurance that they buy before they leave.  However, according to the Post Office Travel Insurance, customers should do their research about the place that they are visiting otherwise they leave themselves open to not being covered for certain things.

A study by the Post Office Travel Insurance company found that over half of those asked could not identify those countries in which vaccinations and immunizations are recommended.  This could potentially be a big issue, as travel insurance will not cover those customers which have not received the proper vaccinations and immunizations prior to their travel.  With the average medical claim being over eight hundred pounds, those who do not do their homework are not only opening themselves up to the risk of disease but also to financial problems as well.  Those traveling overseas are at high risk of traveling under invalidated insurance unless they have these vaccinations beforehand.

The Post Office Travel Insurance representatives say that simple planning can insure that this doesn’t occur.  Customers should be aware of what vaccinations are recommended before they leave the country.

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