Marriott and Radisson sued by US TV star

by Ella FAIRCHILD on July 20, 2010

Leading hotel chains Radisson International and Marriott International are facing legal action.

They are being sued by ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews, who also became a household name during the last US season of Dancing with the Stars.

The lawsuit comes after both hotels were found guilty of allowing a known stalker to obtain reservation information relating to Miss Andrews, with the man in question subsequently booking rooms next to the stunning sports reporter. He then proceeded to make alterations to the room, including widening peep holes, and managed to take video footage of Miss Andrews in the nude.

The offender, Michael David Barrett, an Illinois insurance salesman was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail in March after pleading guilty to a range of charges relating to stalking. He had followed Miss Andrews to several properties and at two known locations, in Columbus, Ohio and in Nashville, Tennessee, had deliberately made the alterations to allow him to video the high profile television celebrity. The court also heard how he had in the past contacted more than 14 different hotels requesting reservation details for Andrews.

Andrews, 32, is seeking $1.2 million (£784,000) in damages from the hotel chains and also from Barrett himself, with the case being trialled Chicago’s Cook County Circuit Court, claiming severe and permanent emotional distress. She also added that she hoped the case would serve as a reminder to hoteliers to be more careful in the future when it came to the privacy of their guests.

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