Marriott Hotel chefs compete for the best fish and chip recipe title

by Emily DUNBAR on August 6, 2010

A fish and chip supper has been a British institution for as long as time can remember. Although everyone may have a slightly different way of eating the evening treat, it is still essentially the same.

Chefs from Marriott Hotels, however, are on a quest to track down the ideal recipe for the age-old British meal. In a cross-country culinary challenge, chefs will bounce recipe ideas off one another with the winning recipe becoming the standard fanfare for all of the UK’s Marriott Hotels.

The challenge is being participated in by over 50 chefs, all of whom have submitted their various takes on the classic British favourite. Making it into the final six was Indonesian-born chef Hunein Attamimi works for the Marriott Hotel in West India Quay. The final six participated in a cook-off judged by a panel of experts.

According to Mr. Attamimi, fish and chips is one of the most popular items on the Marriott menu. He said that this could be because the restaurant uses only fresh, local ingredients. Mr Attamimi’s recipe features sustainable cod, handcut chunky chips, mush peas and the use of soda water for a light and fluffy batter.

Despite not taking the winning title home, Mr Attamimi says he has greater ambitious to one day open his own restaurant. He said that he embraces food and cooking has become his passion. Adding that fish and chips are popular worldwide, not just in Britian, he attributed the dish’s popularity to its tastiness and affordability. He insists, however, that the batter must be good!

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