Marston’s and Travelodge Announce Partnership

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on September 29, 2009

In an announcement made today, budget hotel giant Travelodge revealed the launch of a partnership with brewery and pub operator Marston’s.  Travelodge hopes that the deal with the Wolverhampton-based Marston’s will extend their presence in the United Kingdom, as well as provide hundreds of jobs for local residents.  The two hope that the combination of pubs and cheap hotels will be a winner for both.  Marston’s will use the forty million pound investment to help reach its target of building sixty new pubs over the next three years.

Marston’s, which is a leader in the pub and brewery industry, launched an ambitious plan to open sixty new pubs in three years’ time.  The industry giant has already raised one hundred and sixty five million pounds for the project and hopes that their alliance with Travelodge will speed them towards their goal.  Marston’s is currently buying Greenfield sites on heavily trafficked A-Roads.  They hope to build pubs on the land that they procure and then lease space to Travelodge, who will build hotels alongside each pub.

The two have already purchased at least one site which will contain a Marston’s pub alongside a fifty seven-room Travelodge hotel.  The two have already identified at least two more sites for development within the year and hope to add at least ten more.

Marston’s, which already employ around twelve thousand people in the United Kingdom, think the deal will make even more jobs for local residents.  As many as seven hundred jobs will be created just by the current developments, and with ten more planned in the next few years, this could mean thousands of additional service industry jobs in the UK.

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