Men Arrested for Bomb Scare in Heathrow

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on January 11, 2010

Since the attempted Christmas day bombing in which a man tried to blow up a fight headed to Detroit with a device he had snuck aboard in his underwear, airports around the world have increased their security measures.  Multiple investigations have been launched into how the twenty three year old Nigerian man, who was on both the US and UK terror watch lists, was able to sneak through multiple international airports with an explosive device in his underwear.  Since then, security efforts have been increased, which have led to several additional incidents.  Recently, at Heathrow airport three men were taken into custody after authorities accused them of making a bomb threat.

The police took the three men, who were on their way to Dubai, UAE in custody on suspicion that they had made a bomb threat.  As more information starts to surface it has become unclear whether the threat was legitimate or part of some type of prank.  Thus far, a search of the plane has yielded no evidence of an explosive device so police are starting to suspect that the entire event was just a really poorly thought out prank.  The three men, aged 58, 48, and 36 were arrested after they were accused of making verbal threats to members of the flight’s crew just before the plane was set to take off.  Airplane crews are trained to take every response seriously, even if they think the person is joking.  The men face serious charges for their actions even if it turns out to be a prank.

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