Mobile Website Launched by Europcar

by Emily DUNBAR on October 9, 2009

Europcar, one of the largest car hire firms in the world, has announced its launch of a new website which is specifically designed for customer who access the internet with their mobile phone.  Smartphones like the iPhone, which can surf the internet wirelessly, have become extremely popular, and more people are using them as web browsers while on the go.  This made the move an easy one for Europcar, as over eight million Britons are currently using their mobile phones to access the internet.  This new service will allow customers to book a car directly from their mobile phone, which Europcar hopes will decrease the hassle of hiring a car.

Use of mobile phones as internet browsers has increased by over forty percent in the last year, which is why Europcar tried to be proactive when offering this service to their customers.  The service is available to anyone whose phone has mobile internet capabilities.  Customers can book the car directly from their phone and when it is confirmed the service will send a text message, which offers customers the peace of mind that their reservation was actually received.

While the service may seem unnecessary to some, it adds extra convenience to car hire, especially for customers who are traveling.  Europcar expects that many customers on flights or waiting in airports will use the service.  Also, customers who do not have easy access to a computer will be able to make reservations on the go.

The site will be compatible with nearly any phone and is available in seven different languages, with more to be added in the future.

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