More Air France wreckage found

by William ASTON on April 4, 2011

Wreckage from an Air France plane that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 has been recovered by robots, according to reports. This week saw the fourth attempt of French investigators to find out exactly what caused the plane to go down with 228 people on board.

It is hoped that among the wreckage the robots will be able to locate the flights recorders which could shed light on the still unexplained disaster. The flight 447 disappeared from radars on June 1, 2009, while en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. All passengers and staff are thought to have perished in the crash.

BEA, the French air accident investigation agency, announced last night that parts of the plane had been found in the ocean by unmanned submarines and salvage vessels. It has been confirmed that the pieces are from the Air France aircraft, but so far the flights recorders are still to be found.

People from more than 30 different countries died in the crash, which is by far the worst loss of life in the French carrier’s 75-year history. Previous searches have recovered 50 bodies and parts of the plane, including a torn-off tail fin, but the most recent search was called off in May last year.

The latest search will cover an area of 3,900 square-miles and is being funded by Air France and Airbus, who manufactured the plane. Robots are being used to delve up to 4,000 metres in the hope of recovering the flights black boxes, which would give vital information on the reason for the crash.

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