More Closures for Dollar Thrifty Car Rental

by William ASTON on September 18, 2009

In an attempt to keep themselves from going under, Dollar Thrifty Car Rental has announced that it will close ten additional locations before the end of 2009.  The slumping global economy combined with concerns over the H1N1 virus has taken its toll on the travel and tourism industry.  Hotels are reporting lower occupancy rates, airlines are cutting flights, and car hire agencies are also looking for ways to cut their operating costs.  Dollar Thrifty Car Rental has decided to tighten up its operations by getting rid of some of its underperforming branches.

Dollar Thrifty Car Rental has closed more than one hundred locations in an attempt to cut their operating costs and make the company more profitable.  These closures have reduced their fleet by more than five thousand vehicles.  A spokesman for the company insisted that Dollar Thrifty did not want to close the locations but if they hadn’t, the entire company may have gone under in the last year.

Currently Dollar Thrifty Car Rental has more than seven hundred locations worldwide.  Most of the closures coincided with branches whose lease options were nearly completed, making it easier to identify potential closures.  After the additional ten closures that were announced today, Dollar Thrifty does not foresee the need for any more this year.

This continues a trend in the industry to find innovative ways to cut costs.  Most rental car companies have thinned their fleet of cars, while others are adding additional benefits to their hired cars in an attempt to attract more customers.

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