More nations warn against EU travel

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on October 5, 2010

Japan and Sweden are the latest countries to join the US and UK in issuing travel advisories to mainland Europe.

In the wake of recent terror alert levels being raised in France, Japan and Sweden have gone as far as warning citizens not to travel to France, Germany or the UK. The US said during the weekend that terrorists are believed to be planning a variety of attacks on private and official interests. The Foreign Office has also issued warnings stating that a high threat of attack exists in countries across the continent.

Security sources are saying that threats are similar to those that occurred in 2008 in Mumbai. Tourists have been cautioned to take extra care when sightseeing at well-known landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower – which was evacuated recently due to threat alerts. Advisories against public transport have also been issued.

Last month, French authorities were forced to set the country’s alert level at the second highest in the wake of credible terrorist threats. However, the French government has said that currently there is no cause to push the level up to crimson. Germany’s interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere said that Berlin was aware of a potential al-Qaeda threat, but said that people should stay calm as there was no concrete evidence of the event.

Italy has also raised its alert level in the wake of the news and security remains on full alert. Terrorist fears have already led to the Eiffel Tower being evacuated twice in recent weeks.

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