Morgue to be renovated as hotel; Australian businessman makes spooky move

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on October 23, 2012

An ex-morgue, complete with mortuary fridges and autopsy tables, will be turned into a new off-beat hotel.

In an even creepier twist, the cold slabs that were once used to perform autopsies might become beds when Tasmania’s Willow Court is redevelop by an Australian businessman. The morgue, which was mainly used in the 1950s, was also a convict hospital during the 19th century. Until 12 years ago, it served psychiatric patients and the wider Tasmanian community.

The other features of Willow Court include a pair of pull-out fridges and a bathtub that was once used to wash cadavers. The owner, Hadyn Pearce, has been gradually restoring buildings of the Willow Court precinct. Until he begun his endeavours, the properties were subject to vandalism as they weren’t being used..

Mr Pearce told Australia’s national ABC News of his hopes for the hotel such as his wish for it to “attract the unusual”. He described the hotel’s dissection table as the property’s “main suite” then went on to explain how a double bed will be put in a room alongside one of the three slabs or two pull-out fridges.

When asked whether he believed holidaymakers would actually have an interest in sleeping in the new accommodation, Mr Pearce replied that only time will tell. Using wealth accumulated from his career as an antiques dealer, he has already converted a former asylum into a motel.

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