Moroccans launch Marrakesh bomb inquiry

by Alister POOLE on April 29, 2011


Morocco today launched its investigation into the bomb attack in Marrakesh that killed 16 people on Thursday, including 11 foreigners.

Overnight, the death toll rose as two of those that were injured died from their wounds. Reports say that eight foreign victims hailed from France, with one from Holland and another from Israel.

Some 20 others were injured when the blast hit a cafe in the usually-packed Djemaa el-Fna square, which is also a major tourist spot. An official said that a suicide bomber was probably responsible for causing the blast. Thus far however, no group has said that it is behind the attacks.

The UK Foreign Office has been investigating reports that one of the murdered victims was a British citizen. Ever since a bomb blast in Casablanca that killed 45 people back in 2003, Morocco has been relatively peaceful. In recent months however, much the same as other countries in the region, there have been protests demanding an overthrow of the government.

As the amount of those killed continued to rise on Friday morning, details with regards to the nationalities of those that lost their lives started to emerge. Quoting Moroccan medical sources, the French media confirmed that eight of their fellow countrymen had died.

While Holland’s foreign ministry reported that one Dutch national died, Israeli authorities confirmed that a woman and her husband were also killed in the blast. According to sources, the couple lived in Shanghai but were visiting the woman’s father to celebrate Passover, one of the biggest festivals in the Jewish calendar.

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