Most Londoners do not want wifi on the Tube

by Ella FAIRCHILD on March 15, 2012

New research has suggested that the majority of London residents do not want wifi to be installed at Tube stations in time for this year’s Olympics.

When questioned, 55 per cent of the Londoners that were polled revealed that they would prefer if there wasn’t any wireless internet service whatsoever. Almost half, 48 per cent, voiced concerns with regards to their privacy being compromised, particularly when submitting passwords, while using wifi on the Underground.

As was announced yesterday, London Underground recently reached a special agreement with Virgin Media that will see wifi being installed in 80 networks already up and running in 217 stations before the start of the summer. Before 2012 has drawn to a close, it has been stated, wifi will have reached at least 120 stations. As of yet, there is no news on when wifi will be extended to all 217 London stations.

Commuters will have the ability to check their emails, check the status of the train they are waiting for, and also surf the net at 80 selected stations which are to be wifi-enabled. Although it won’t be possible to use wifi while travelling in tunnels, the service will be accessible whenever trains stop at stations. Carried out by My Voucher Codes, the poll asked 950 Londoners over the age of 18 for their thoughts and feelings on wifi being installed on the Underground for the very first time.

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