Mother Pleads Innocent in Murder of Son at NY Peninsula Hotel

by William ASTON on February 18, 2010

On Tuesday, the woman charged with killing her autistic son at New York’s Peninsula Hotel tearfully plead not guilty during an arraignment. 49-year-old Gigi Jordan, a multimillionaire mother, had a meltdown on February 5 in a $2,300 per night suite.

Gigi was found, along with her dead 8-year-old son Jude Mirra, with a suicide note and hundreds of prescription meds. In the note, she said that the boy was always in pain and hopes that he’s in a better place now. She also implicated that the boy was a victim of abuse and directed police to search her laptop to details.

Assistant District Attorney Kerry O’Connel said that they have a strong case, calling the mother’s suicide emails to friends well-ordered and articulate. Defense Attorney Gerald Shargel requested Jordan be released on $5 million bail and be placed into a locked facility, but Daniel FitzGerald, the Manhattan Supreme Court Judge, ordered for her to be held without bail. Her next appearance in court will be on March 9, and it looks as though they will say she was insane at the time.

After the arraignment, Shargel said that any decent person’s heart would go out to Jordan. He added that this is probably the saddest case he’s seen in his 40 years of practice.

The first time Jordan appeared in court came about the same time a family member picked up the autistic boy’s body from a funeral home. A funeral home worker says that the child’s arrangements are being kept private.

Emil Tzekov, the boy’s father, said that it’s relieving to know his son is going to the eternal peace he deserves. He added that he doesn’t know what caused his ex-wife to snap, but he wants to see justice.

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