Muppets become New York City tourism ambassadors

by William ASTON on April 17, 2012

Tourist officials for New York have unveiled their new ploy to  attract more visitors with children – making Jim Henson’s famous Muppets its “family ambassadors”.

America’s largest  city is attempting to increase the amount of families visiting its five boroughs. The puppets, which have been around since the 1950s, when they were created by Jim Henson, were present at a Manhattan press conference that was held earlier this week.

Michael Bloomberg, the current mayor of New York, could be seen posing for photos with well known television characters such as Kermit the Frog, his on-off girlfriend Miss Piggy, the King Prawn, and Gonzo the Great. Bloomberg commented that New York City is proud to have enlisted the help of the Muppets, who he called family experts, as they help promote the Big Apple.

The mayor said that he hoped the campaign will help the city reach its target of receiving 55 million visitors per year by 2015. George Feritta, representing NYC & Company, a tourism promotion organisation, said that Kermit and friends have enjoyed immense popularity for over 40 years while appealing to people of all ages around the world due to them engaging big and screen icons, in addition to legends of the music world. It was added by Feritta that the Muppets are to highlight the things they love about New York City and illustrate why it is the ideal place for families to spend their holiday time.

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