Music Festival Fundraiser for Blind Girl Cancelled

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on September 17, 2009

The Essex Family Festival, which was a music festival aiming to raise funds for a young blind girl was cancelled after it was discovered that the venue did not have the proper license for the show.   The money raised for the show was going to pay for an experimental operation for a young girl named Amy Jarrett.  The show has been cancelled even though there were already seventeen thousand tickets sold.  This was heartbreaking news for the Jarrett family, who hoped to raise the funds to give their daughter an operation which may allow her to regain her vision.

The eight year old Amy, who comes from Rochford Road, Southend, has septo optic dysplasia, which is a rare brain disease which renders her completely blind.  Her parents hoped to use the fundraiser to raise some of the thirty five thousand pounds for an experimental surgery in China.  The treatment is in the early stages, but has yielded positive results in some patients, which provided the family with hope that their young daughter may someday see again.

The festival was originally slated to be held at Steeple Bay Holiday Park, which is a traditional, family oriented holiday park in the United Kingdom.  However, the owners of the park Park Holidays UK claim that they were given no information about the festival and were not involved in the planning, which includes getting the proper license to have such a show.

Some are now questioning the motives of the organizers as the event seems to have been planned without the knowledge of the park’s owners.

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