Nepal aviation safety record blasted by law firm; harrowing statistics a cause for concern

by William ASTON on September 28, 2012

Nepal’s aviation safety record has been noted as being particularly poor, as 96 people have been killed in no less than six crashes over the past couple of years.

According to Stewarts Law, the firm that specialises in aviation, weak regulations have aided poor training by adding to the dangers faced by air passengers around a country whose challenging mountainous environment is burdensome for even the highest skilled pilots. Despite the poor safety record, not one of Nepal’s airlines remain on the European Union blacklist that was recently composed by the European Commission.

The crashes all involved small turbo-prop aircraft that come with roughly 20 seats, as opposed to large commercial jets, as alleged by Stewarts Law’s James Healy-Pratt – who also remarked how flying at low altitudes where weather is often worse can often trigger the likelihood of fatal accidents. Mr Healy-Pratt added that even though Nepal isn’t a big country, especially when compared to its Asian neighbours, it does have a lot of mountains and a concerning average crash rate that rivals that of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia.

It was concluded that regulators in Nepal clearly aren’t doing their job properly by not making sure that pilots are always properly trained. According to Trigger Happy TV star Dom Jolly, flying around Nepal is often a scary experience. The comedian used his Twitter account this year to recall a “dodgy trip” he experienced in the country.

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