New Alton Towers attraction classified as too scary

by Emily DUNBAR on March 19, 2012

The Nemesis Sub-Terra ride at Alton Towers was this week classified as “too scary” by the British Board of Film Classification.

The new attraction at the Midlands-based Alton Towers was deemed unsuitable for any visitors under the age of 12 and younger theme park goers won’t be allowed on the ride, which is set to open just in time for the upcoming Easter holidays. The BBFC’s Murray Perkins said that the Nemesis Sub-Terra contains intense moments that can be compared to the scary scenes often experienced in both horror or science fiction movies at ‘12A’/'12′.

Perkins said that the BBFC has recommend to Alton Towers officials that the ride should also be put in the ‘12A’ category, just like a horror movie, allowing for “moderate physical and psychological threat, provided that the disturbing sequences are not frequent or sustained.” The classification of the ride is historic as the BBFC has never before been asked to assess a theme park attraction.
The BBFC was first invited to look at Nemesis Sub-Terra following feedback from testing panels. Alton Towers’ Katherine Duckworth commented at a press conference that the classification advice received from the BBFC will ensure the wellbeing of all young guests.

In publicity, the attraction has been described as being neither a ride nor a performance and unlike anything that the world has ever seen before. Alton Towers promises all those that encounter the Nemesis Sub-Terra a psychological, physical, thrilling experience that occurs in a dark and intense underground setting.

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