New Car Sharing Scheme Launched by Virgin

by William ASTON on November 13, 2009

Virgin Atlantic recently announced a scheme which will help their customers save a little money on their commute.  Passengers will be able to use a website to find other passengers to share transport from the airport to city centres in many countries in the world.  Not only will this be a great way for customers to save money, but by car pooling they will be reducing the amount of carbon that is released into the environment.  Customers simply have to log onto and the website will do the rest.  After entering their flight times and travel arrangements the website will do the rest by finding a suitable match to share a taxi.

Businesses in the United Kingdom have been pressured to find new and innovative ways to reduce the amount of carbon they are putting into the environment.  The pressure has been building lately as the world prepares for the upcoming United Nations summit on climate change.  Companies have been brainstorming schemes which will allow them to help customers become greener, without costing them a lot of extra money.  This is why Virgin Atlantic’s carpool scheme will work so well, as it saves passengers money on taxi fare and also allows them to reduce emissions at the same time.  Female passengers that are concerned about safety will be allowed the option of only choosing females to share cabs with.

The founder of Taxi2, Ed Maklouf said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Virgin Atlantic for this scheme, and our expectation is that this simple, sensible way or saving money and cutting down congestion and carbon footprint will become common activity for air travelers worldwide.”

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