New Head of Travel sought by Royals

by Ella FAIRCHILD on February 23, 2011

The Royal Family is advertising for a new Head of Travel to help them lower their carbon emissions on official trips. Buckingham Palace posted the advertisement on the official monarchy website today, offering between £55,000 and £75,000 for the unique job.

On the post, the palace claimed that their travel considerations must now, more than ever, meet with the country’s environmental concerns. It added that the palace is looking for someone who can help them reduce their CO2 emissions while on their 3,000 official engagements each year.

All members of the Royal Family take countless trips both abroad and at home as part of their official duties. Between 2010 and 2011, the cost of the Buckingham Palace travel bill was £7 million, which is paid for by a government grant-in-aid.

The successful applicant for the Head of Travel posts will be in charge of all of the family’s travel arrangements, whether they be on schedules rail services, the royal train, helicopter, private jet or commercial, armed forces and government aircraft. The job will involve juggling the need to travel safely and in reasonable time with the desire to minimise expense and the impact on the environment.

Monthly reports on CO2 emissions and the cost of the Royal Family’s travel will also have to be compiled by the successful applicant. The advert adds that the Head of Travel will need to scrutinise the current travel arrangements in place and find out how to make them more efficient without compromising on quality.

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