New information reveals crash site of Air France jet

by Tiffany Millar on May 11, 2010

Officials have revealed new information regarding an Air France jet that crashed after leaving Rio de Janeiro heading for Paris.

In a statement Monday, authorities said that the jet may have turned prior to the crash that killed 228 people. The head of the French agency investigating the incident said officials may be able to locate the plane as early as Wednesday.

New technology has made it possible for investigators to analyse signals from the aircraft’s flight recorders, which had detected depths in the Atlantic last year. New equipment has narrowed the search radius to a rather unexpected location.

Alain Bouillard, head investigator, said that should the plane be located where the signals are coming from, it would suggest the aircraft turned after its last known contact with air traffic controllers. Mr Bouillard said it is still not known why the jet would have turned.

Jean-Paul Troadec, who heads the BEA, the French accident investigation bureau, said Thales, a French sonar specialist firm, has continued to analyse the data taken from the primary search efforts. This data included information from the original black box recorders.

Mr Troadec stated that search teams will attempt to recover the black boxes once the aircraft has been located. The signals indicate a zone of 10kms to 20kms. According to officials, two-thirds of the area has already been explored. The Air France jet crashed last year somewhere in the Atlantic, but until now it has remained unknown as to why and where.

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