New Kimberley Hotel Boss Jailed for Running Worst Hotel in Britain

by Emily DUNBAR on June 17, 2014

People have said that they have stayed in some rough hotels. However, one of those hotels is bad enough to see the owner jailed. That is just what happened to 51-year-old Peter Metcalf, the owner of the New Kimberley Hotel.

His 90-room seaside hotel has been called nothing more than a death trap. The hotel has fire exits that have been nailed shut, rooms that look like they have never been cleaned, a roof that is caving in and only being supported by one metal pole and dodgy wiring that was done without the help of a professional.

While the fire exits were nailed shut and blocked off by old mattresses, there were nearly 20 disabled smoke alarms in the building. The electrical supply was fitted illegally with homemade fuses, and there was a large cylinder of petrol sitting near the fire exit door. It is believed that the petrol was being used as cooking gas.

However, this was only the start of the problems at the hotel. For example, there is no water supply to nearly half of the building. One look at the inside and it is easy to understand why people believed that the hotel has been empty for years. Unfortunately, it has not, and people have actually been paying to live there.

When the hotel got shut down, there were four guests who remained there. Each guest was paying £50 a week to live in a hotel that was no better than living on the street. The worst part is that the hotel used to be a thriving estate. It had a ballroom and a great seaside view.

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