New Visa Laws Keep Students from UK

by Emily DUNBAR on September 2, 2009

New laws targeted at students seeking to get study visas in the United Kingdom are keeping international students from choosing the UK.  A recent study predicts student numbers may fall as much as 20 percent, as new via regulations are making some students choose countries to which entry will be easier.   This system, which was released in April, used a points system for students applying for study visas.   Thus far the program has been an utter failure, as universities in the UK are reporting far fewer numbers of international students.

Now students must go through complicated and expensive regulations that, among other things, force them to keep minimum amounts of money in their bank account, as well as prove that they can afford tuition payments at least 28 days before they apply.  Agents for the students claim that these requirements are discriminatory and simply take too long, which has many students opting for the U.S. or Australia over the UK.

“We remain concerned, however, that the system may delay or deter international students who wish to study in the UK,” said Diana Warwick, Universities UK’s chief executive.

In addition to the academic value international students bring, their higher fees also help pay for local students, thus, this problem could have a trickle effect for the entire UK university system.

Thanks to the Guardian UK for the above quote.  For the complete article please visit their website.

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