New Year Brings New Travel Trends

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on January 4, 2010

As the global economy begins to climb out of the recession that slowed down world commerce over the last year, businesses start to look ahead to a 2010 which promises to be better than 2009.  The past year saw the United Kingdom mired in an economic recession that it has still not pulled out of, and also saw many industries around the world struggling to keep their doors open.  This was especially true in the travel and tourism industry which was hit with the dual problems of a global recession making it too expensive to take holidays and an outbreak of swine flu virus that had people scared to leave their homes.  As the economy slowly bounces back, the hotel industry is looking forward to many new trends and innovations in the New Year that will hopefully make it a successful one.

Recently the Pacific Asia Travel Association coupled with Visa to do online surveys to find out exactly what types of travel experiences people hoped to have in the New Year and beyond.  What the study found is that Asia Pacific will remain the number one destination for foreign travelers, many of which will be coming from the United Kingdom.  The survey also aimed to find some of the travel trends which will become popular over the next year.  Some of these included green hotels, which offer holidaymakers a way to take a vacation without leaving much of a carbon footprint.

Another trend, according to the study, will be ladies only hotels, which cater to solo female travelers looking for a safe place to stay.

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