Newborn boy found dumped in airplane lavatory

by Emily DUNBAR on September 14, 2010

A newborn baby was rescued from an aircraft lavatory after airline staff found the little boy dumped in the bin.

Having been abandoned by his mother aboard the flight travelling to the Philippines, the newborn child was found in the rubbish bag located on board the Gulf Air flight. According to staff - who discovered the baby upon landing - the infant was alive, but had been left covered in tissue paper and blood. Philippine authorities have launched an investigation into the incident and have been urging the boy’s mother to contact the authorities.

Officials said the infant could have died, however a security officer noticed that there was movement within one of the rubbish bins. The bag had been collected by cleaners, but the infant child had gone unnoticed until security saw the bag moving. Upon discover the infant was rushed immediately to the airport clinic, where he was fed, warmed and checked out by resident doctors.

According to a spokesman from the airport, the baby had been left for dead and was clearly bluish in colour when it arrived at the clinic. The spokesman said further that the infant would have died if it had not been found at the exact time it had. Nurses attending the baby said that the infant, otherwise, was a healthy child and has since been handed over to social welfare workers. The baby has been given the name George Francis, after Gulf Air’s call sign - GF.

Police have said they may charge the mother with criminal offence if she is located. Radio stations all over Manila have been swamped with families offering to adopt the baby.

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Maria September 15, 2010 at 7:54 am

This is so sad… hope you find the mother of the baby boy… i cant imagine someone leave their child in the airplane in a trash bag… give the baby boy all my luck to him… GOD BLESS YOU!!

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