Next generaton planes order revealed at Paris Air Show

by Ella FAIRCHILD on June 22, 2011


The Paris Air Show’s second day has seen brisk trade, as well as further competition between two of the industry’s biggest aircraft makers, Boeing and its fierce rival Airbus.

An order by Malaysia’s Air Asia for 200 of the newly-upgraded Airbus A320neo planes, which is potentially worth £11.1bn, is also expected this week. However, its American rival has already been the recipient of several new orders for the new lengthed 747-8 jumbo it is about to unleash on the world of aviation.

On Monday, Airbus and Boeing both made announcements of $25bn orders for at least 198 of their aircraft. In the industry, the Paris Air Show is taken incredibly seriously and is one of the main events on the calendar for all those involved in travel.

In other developments, Aerospace companies have received instructions to stop using harmful devices that often jam mobile phone signals, and also to avoid any corporate subterfuge at sales tents at the event, as such actions are against the law in France.

Talking to the press about the order his company had placed, a senior offical from AirAsia said how it is hoped one of the world’s leading budget carriers will announce the 200 jet deal in the near future. JetBlue Airway, another popular cut-rate airline, has ordered 40 A320neos, while US jet-leasing company CIT Aerospace has agreed to purchase 50, and TransAsia Airways of Taiwan has ordered six, worth a combined $600m.

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