No relax of border controls during strikes

by William ASTON on November 29, 2011

No border controls are going to be relaxed on Wednesday during strikes by public sector workers, even if they will ease airport waiting queues, the government has confirmed.

Lord Henley, the Home Office minister, said that the security of Britain’s borders remains the top priority while contingency plans are firmly in place. In the meantime, Education Secretary Michael Gove has criticised unions for seeming as though they are “itching for a fight” prior to the strikes.

At least 51 per cent of people, in a recent poll, told of how they believe the strikes won’t succeed. Strikes over pension changes across the public sector might involve two million people with 90 per cent of England’s schools having to be closed as a result.

Gove said of union leaders that they wish to see scenes of industrial toil and strife on British TV screens while also wishing to make the country’s economic recovery harder than it already is. He added that union chiefs want to provide nothing other than a platform for confrontation when a united front is what is required to get the UK back on its feet.

Prime Minister David Cameron has also blasted union leaders, accusing them of behaving irresponsibly while adding that the strikes will cause great damage to the economy. In response, unions commented that the Coalition has become desperate as it has not completely lost public support.

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