Nose in parking to start at Guernsey Airport next year

by William ASTON on November 4, 2011

Passengers are going to pay the price for the new method of parking airplanes at Guernsey Airport, insists Flybe’s Channel Islands manager.

As of February next year, all planes will start parking “nose in” as they stop at the airport’s terminal and will be towed out through the use of tugs as opposed to parking side on. America has agreed that it will fun the tugs as well as operators for at least two years, as part of a redevelopment project.

Ian Taylor, the Channel Islands manager of Flybe, said that if airlines were asked for contributions after the two year period, the cost will be passed on to any passengers that use the hub. Colin Le Ray, Guernsey Airport’s director, said that it is necessary during runway resurfacing work to make sure areas are freed up for work. The sum of £600,000 that is needed is included in the project’s total £80m budget.

Taylor said that those at Flybe can see no advantage for the airlines to do such a thing, with increased costs for the passengers to bear that are vastly unfair with Guernsey Airport making commercial gains as a result.

Mr Le Ray said that the latest developments are a major step forward for the airport as it will now be able to provide much needed sufficient resources that can be used by existing and upcoming operators that may wish to offer flights to and from the hub in the near future.

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