Obama Skewers US Intelligence Agencies

by Emily DUNBAR on January 7, 2010

Since the attempted Christmas day bombing in which a man was able to sneak an explosive device through two airports without detection.  This has led to a widespread investigation into how this is possible, which will likely lead to a slew of new airport security measures.  In the UK there are talks of installing full body x ray scanners into all of their airports.  The United States has launched its own investigation into the failures that allowed a man who was on multiple terrorist watch lists to move through international airports so freely.  This led to a recent speech by President Barack Obama in which he lambasted the United States security agencies for failing to detect the bomber.

Obama claimed that United States authorities had more than enough intelligence to detain the young Nigerian man who attempted to blow up the plane in Detroit.  He said that they fact that this man was able to slip through undetected shows that there are major holes in the US security.  Obama said that these failures were unacceptable and that there is no reason why US intelligence agencies were not able to connect the dots with the varied evidence that they had.  Not only was Abdulmuttallab on the US terrorist watch list but his own father had contacted the authorities to tell them that he thought his son was planning an attack.

Some of the additional security measures have raised complaints as some claim that they are invasive and take away their right to privacy.

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