Occupy LA arrests made after deadline for eviction

by Alister POOLE on November 28, 2011

LAPD officers have apprehended four citizens after campaigners tied to the Occupy Wall Street movement defied an eviction deadline by camping outside City Hall.

At least 1,000 people flocked into the areas around City Hall Park before the midnight deadline. Five hours later, LAPD officers said that anyone blocking streets would be apprehended, while those camping in the park wouldn’t be.

Officers brandishing batons, as well as non-lethal weapons, hit the streets but were met by sit-ins from angry protesters. Police Chief Charlie Beck commented at a press conference on Monday morning that midnight wasn’t a deadline for LAPD action, but instead the official time that the camp would become illegal.

The arrests were made due to protesters refusing to leave a busy intersection. Over the weekend, the Occupy camp set up inside the park increased to 485 tents. In light of the arrests and other matters tied to the deadline, half have already been taken down.

As the deadline passed, 1,000 protesters and those supporting them gathered on the City Hall lawn in order to hold their traditional nightly meeting. Hundreds of LAPD wearing helmets and batons took over the streets, but, thankfully, there weren’t any confrontations.

Anticipating eviction, many of those that were camped outside attended special sessions on resistance tactics, which included how to remain safe in the event of police firing rubber bullets or making use of pepper spray.

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