Older travellers make up half of all overseas jaunts

by Alister POOLE on June 21, 2012

Around half of the foreign trips taken by British holidaymakers are made by those aged 45 or over, a new study into UK travelling habits has shown.

The report, which was commissioned by Travelsphere, the escorted tour specialist, suggested that trends for travelling among elder Britons will only continue.  The proportion of holidays abroad taken by tourists aged older than 45 increased to 50 per cent last year, which was up from the 47 per cent that was recorded in 2006, as alleged by the Mintel Research Consultancy.

British holidaymakers aged between 45 years old and 54 years old take more holidays than all of the other age groups, according to the report, while those in the 45-64 years of age bracket made up 41 per cent of expenditure in trips abroad over the course of 2010 and 2011. Of the travellers older than 45, holidaymakers over the age of 65 enjoyed holidays the most, with around 28 per cent taking at least two or more overseas holidays per year.

Holidaymakers older than 55 are most likely to make their bookings for their entire trip online, it has been revealed, with around two-thirds doing so. Mr Ian Smith, who is the CEO of Travelsphere’s parent company, Page & Moy Travel Group, commented that the majority of older travellers have plenty of time and money to play with as well as the internet at their disposal should they wish to make a booking and head out into the sun.

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