One dead after hotel shoot-out in Rio de Janiero

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on August 23, 2010

Violence erupted yesterday morning at a InterContinental Hotel in Rio de Janiero after a shoot-out between drug traffickers and police resulted in hostages being taken.

According to the authorities one woman was killed during the shoot-out, which took place during a 40-minute interval at the hotel. The gunmen were part of a gang involved with drug trafficking and allegedly attempting to get back to their base within Rocinha, a large slum in Rio.

The hotel was invaded by about 10 members of the gang, who were heavily armed, when the police attempted to intercept them. According to witnesses, the gang members took around 35 people hostage in a three-hour siege that ended with one woman dead.

Paul Ayscough, 48, an English businessman and guest at the hotel said that the number of shots, mostly from automatic guns, must have been more than 1,000. According to another witness, the walls of the hotel were shaking.

Along with the female fatality, four other policemen were injured during the 40-minute gun battle. Up to 60 members of the gang were being chased by police, but only 10 chose to hideout in the hotel, where police pursued them resulting in the forthcoming siege and hostage situation.

Sergio Cabral, Rio’s governor said that the government would continue its offensive approach against drug traffickers. There has so far been no comment from the InterContinental Hotel managers or execs.

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Move2016OlympicsToChicago August 24, 2010 at 11:05 pm

Ugh! Rio! Full of violence, sex, and drugs! The worst city in the world! Host of the 2016 Olympic Games?? Isn’t that stupid?? It’s most likely to give it back up to Chicago instead! Violence there is becoming alot worse these days! How ridiculous of the IOC to choose Rio, Brazil to host the 2016 Olympics!

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