One in four have previously smuggled liquids through security at airports

by Alister POOLE on November 3, 2011

New research has revealed that more than one in four travellers has smuggled liquids through airport security whether by accident or completely deliberately.

A survey, carried out by flight comparison giant Skyscanner, has indicated that 28 per
cent of holidaymakers have attempted to take liquids past airport checkpoints, in spite of longstanding regulations that put a ban on any fluids in containers that exceed 100 mililitres.

A thousand people were surveyed for the poll and although only four per cent of the people questioned admitted that they purposefully circumvented the rules and placed liquids in their carry-on hand luggage, 42 per cent insisted that they believe current laws on the matter are too severe. Additionally, eighteen per cent also complained about airports taking an inconsistent approach to the enforcement of the regulations.

The rules first came into force in 2006 in the aftermath of a foiled terrorist plot to
bomb 10 transatlantic flights through the use of liquid explosives that were smuggled onboard in hand luggage. Immediately, a ban on carrying liquids was introduced.

While the ban was relaxed to allow personal transportation of liquids that are in containers no bigger than 100ml, the laws remain largely in force more than five years after the terrorist plot was prevented from coming to fruition. According to insiders, it seems highly likely that restrictions are to remain in place for another two years.

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