Online Ski and Rail Travel Deals

by Emily DUNBAR on October 29, 2009

In the past two years the travel and tourism industry in the United Kingdom has been in a steep downturn.  Concerns about the economy and the outbreak of the swine flu virus have kept many travelers from taking holidays.  Hotels, resorts, parks and other businesses have had to look for innovative ways to attract customers.  Things have been tough in Europe as well; ski resorts and lodges are seeing low numbers and looking for ways to attract customers.  One website aims to make ski resorts more available and attractive to travelers, as well as promote rail travel in Europe.

The launch of the new website will allow potential customers greater access to information about ski resorts.  Not only will the site give vital information about the best thirty ski resorts in Europe, but it will tell the best way to get there.  The site will offer packages for skiing that can be reached by train, which will both boost traffic to ski resorts as well as direct customers to Europe’s rail system.  Information about timetables, transfers, and bookings are all available on the site, making travel plans much easier for those who want to hit the slopes.

Snowcarbon also aims to appeal to those customers who are concerned about their impact on the environment.  The site offers an environmentally friendly guide which can tell them how big of a carbon footprint their trip will make.  The carbon guide also compares rail travel to air travel so that customers can make ecologically responsible choices.

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