Oyster Rail Extended in London

by Ella FAIRCHILD on November 25, 2009

With cars being increasingly expensive to buy, own, operate and maintain people are turning to public transportation even more than in the past.  Especially in London where congestion fees and the increased cost of petrol have made it nearly impossible for people to afford an automobile.  This is why a recent announcement that the Oyster Rail would be extended was welcome news to many Londoners, as the new system could slash some fares dramatically, making it easier for people to use all different types of public transport.  Some fares could be cut by as much as thirty percent after the Oyster pass is extended to every rail station in the city of London.

This means that travelers will be able to touch in and out at any Network Rail Station, in addition to the Tube and bus network.  The announcement comes after years of talks and an investment of forty million pounds.  The train operating companies and London Mayor Boris Johnson have finally agreed to begin the new system starting on January 2, 2010.  This could affect some fares substantially, decreasing them as much as forty percent in some cases.  In most situations the decrease will not be that dramatic, but lower fares and higher convenience are good news for London travelers and for the operators of the trains themselves.

Some in the train industry worried that the decrease in fares would mean less revenue for trains, but the Oyster pass will allow more people to use the trains, so the increase in customers should offset the decrease in fares.

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