China tests high speed snow train capable of running at near to 220mph

October 10, 2012

A high-speed railway capable of running at almost 220mph in temperatures as low as -40C has started its trial run in China, prior to an eventual all-out launch scheduled for the end of this year.
Widely-believed to be world’s only train to be able to perform in frozen conditions, the vehicle will run on the new [...]

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London subjected to Olympics tourism slump; 60 per cent fewer visitors

October 9, 2012

Some of London’s highest-regarded attractions ended up suffering what was among their worst summers ever, in spite of the ‘Olympic’ boost that had been previously predicted.
It has been suggested that the wettest summer in 100 years did nothing but compound the problem, with many sites attracting a staggering 60 per cent fewer visitors during the [...]

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Robotic suitcase designed for hands free luggage; the Hop set to revolutionise travel

October 8, 2012

A robotic suitcase called the Hop will follow travellers around, in turn removing any need for luggage to be carried by them.
The suitcase is self-driving and travellers will be allowed to walk around airports and similar environments unburdened by being dragged down by the overpowering weight of their bags. In order to function, the prototype [...]

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Tiger tourism decision delayed as campaign group tries to stir up concern

October 4, 2012

A ban on tourism across India’s tiger reserves continues to threaten the livelihoods of workers while ruining holidaymakers’ plans and doing nothing with regards to protecting the animals – as alleged by a campaign group that is dedicated to travelling more responsibly.
The ban, applying to the “main areas” of India’s total 41 reserves, first came [...]

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Rome tourists face hefty fines for snacking on iconic Spanish Steps in unwelcomed news to ears of Audrey Hepburn fans

October 3, 2012

Eating a traditional gelato while sitting on the Spanish Steps might feature at the top of the list of things for tourists to do in the Italian capital Rome, but the activity could now see them hit with a fine of €500 from today onwards.
Visitors wishing to emulate silver screen icon Audrey Hepburn’s performance in [...]

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Kidnap prompts Ecuador travel warning in wake of Kathryn Cox abduction

October 2, 2012

British tourists in Ecuador are being warned about possible dangers that are involved with travel near to the border shared with Colombia, in the wake of the recent kidnapping of Kathryn Cox - a 29-year-old student that was abducted at a remote nature reserve in the South American country.
Ms Cox was kidnapped along with a [...]

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Cruise ship staff paid at little as £1.30 per hour, reveals Channel 4 Dispatches special

October 1, 2012

The cruise industry has rushed to defend its employment policies in the wake of an investigation conducted by Channel 4’s Dispatches which highlighted the low wages and long hours staff commonly experience.
The programme’s producers specially arranged for one undercover reporter to have five weeks working aboard the Celebrity Eclipse, a cruise ship that is operated [...]

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Nepal aviation safety record blasted by law firm; harrowing statistics a cause for concern

September 28, 2012

Nepal’s aviation safety record has been noted as being particularly poor, as 96 people have been killed in no less than six crashes over the past couple of years.
According to Stewarts Law, the firm that specialises in aviation, weak regulations have aided poor training by adding to the dangers faced by air passengers around a [...]

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Atol certificate to deal with holiday protection confusion for first time ever

September 27, 2012

In an attempt to clarify the important issue of holiday protection, a first-ever Atol certificate will be launched by the Department for Transport regarding whether or not travellers’ trips are financially secure.
Every Briton who books Atol-protected holidays is now to receive a special yellow document, which will explain exactly how their trip will be protected [...]

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Company claims that its ostrich pillow will counter jet leg and is capable of enabling power naps

September 26, 2012

A company claims that it has found an ideal product that will help travellers combat the ill effects that jet lag from long-haul flights brings. The inventors of the ostrich pillow, a new portable device, say that their product will enable users to enjoy power naps at any given time.
Stuffed with synthetic material – which [...]

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