Parishioners told to use public transport for Pope’s mass

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on September 8, 2010

As Glasgow gears up for the massive arrival of pilgrims as the Pope arrives to give mass at Bellahouston Park, the city organisers have told parishioners that they will need to use public transport to arrive at the venue.

Previously, the pilgrims believed that private busses would be provided, but have now been told that they will need to find their own transport in the form of trains, busses or the underground. Over 70,000 people are anticipated to arrive for the Pope’s mass on 16 September. A spokesman for the Catholic Church indicated that public transport would be the most efficient way to arrive at the mass.

However, parishioners had already given £20 in donations, which they had been told would be used for transportation costs to and from Bellahouston Park. The Catholic Church is now saying that those donations will be given passes to be used on public transport. Monsignor Peter Smith, the event organiser, said that the change may upset many but that it will still be the best way for pilgrims to arrive to see the Pope.

Transport Scotland said that travellers should plan to arrive well in advance due to road restrictions in anticipation for the arrival of the Pope. Northbound M77 from J2 as well as M8 to J22 will be closed and partial closures will be on the M8 and A8. Traffic management plans for the remainder of central Scotland are still under review.

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jon cole September 9, 2010 at 8:14 pm

what a joke, just another incident of the catholic church taking advantage of good christians

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