Passengers refuse to leave Ryanair plane grounded from fog

by Ella FAIRCHILD on November 18, 2010

A Ryanair flight grounded in Belgium due to heavy fog had its passengers refuse to disembark after they claim they were not informed of the landing.

The flight, which departed Morocco for France, was forced to land at Liege Airport in Belgium when heavy fog created poor visibility. Along with the Ryanair flight, three other planes were forced to divert to Liege. Of the four planes, the three other flights’ passengers opted for free bus tickets and continued on their journey to France, 350kms away.

However, passengers on board the Ryanair flight, who reportedly were mostly French, refused to leave the plane. According to Stephen McNamara, a spokesman for the Irish budget carrier, passengers became unruly and aggressive, refusing to disembark, despite being offered free bus tickets to their final destination.

Media outlets interviewed passengers, who said that the aircraft left Morocco three hours later than scheduled and then landed abruptly in Belgium without warning. One passenger said that no one had informed travellers that the jet would be landing. A third said that passengers were forced to stay on board the plane with no access to restrooms or water.

Yet, McNamara maintains that crew attempted to get passengers to leave the aircraft for an hour after landing before exiting the plane themselves. According to McNamara, the passengers became hostile and aggressive. He also said that it was standard air travel safety to land during heavy fog.

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