Passengers subjected to eight hour stationary delay at Gatwick

by Alister POOLE on October 17, 2011

Passengers were left stranded on a plane waiting on Gatwick Airport’s tarmac for over eight hours, due to fog causing their flight from Mumbai to be diverted.
The flight, put on by Air India, was meant to be landing at Heathrow Airport when poor weather conditions forced it into being divert to Gatwick around 08:00. Frustratingly, it didn’t resume its journey until 17:00 and arrived at Heathrow roughly 20 minutes later.

A spokesman representing the Sussex airport said that the airline was waiting for a crew, which meant that it couldn’t complete its journey. Sussex Police had to be called on to the plane in order to prevent any breach of the peace while tempers among passengers flared. A reporter from BBC World Service said that the mood on the flight became heated. Mr Rahul Joglekar said that he didn’t know why passengers were prevented from leaving the aircraft. Thus far, Air India hasn’t made any comment on the situation.

One of the passengers, Mr Mark Shorey, said that passengers were handed a note of apology from the airline upon getting off the flight at Heathrow; however, he wasn’t satisfied with such a poor response. Mr Jas Johal, also on the plane, told of how promises of both food and refreshments weren’t kept. He added that it was unsurprising that people lost their tempers after eight hours and no food. Ms Victoria Denham said that she would be filing a complaint directly to the airline and also seeking some compensation for the delay.

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Jayesh October 17, 2011 at 7:24 pm

This is bad news for Air India as they have just bought many new aeroplanes but can not compete on service.

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