Pink Hotel needs Approval to go White

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on November 2, 2009

Hotels and restaurant owners around the world have often felt the sting of inspections and standards that at times can seem delusional.  Government inspectors have long been the bane of hotel and restaurant owners who often feel that they are unnecessarily harassed over issues that may seem downright silly to some.  Of course, when it comes to health and safety rules most customers are happy to have regulations as it may keep them from getting sick or becoming the victim of an accident caused by shoddy construction.  However, the council in Conwy has taken rules and regulations to new heights after telling a hotel that it had to get rid of the pink paint covering its front façade.

Owners of the seaside hotel claim that they were ordered to remove the pink paint which they used to color the front side of their hotel.  The Oasis hotel, which is located on Llandudno’s seafront, was forced to repaint the pink exterior and pillars of the hotel after the Conwy council ruled that the pink paint did not adhere to the council’s guidelines.  Ann and David Blanchard, who own the Oasis hotel, said that they are trying to comply with the request but in the process have met even sillier and more ridiculous demands by the council.

Work to cover the pink paint has now been delayed after the Conwy council said that it needed to approve the shade of white paint that the Blanchard’s plan to use to cover the pink.  The Blanchards, who say they just want this ordeal to end, were told to stop painting pending approval of the shade of white, a demand which they claim goes beyond the rational.

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