Pirates get too close to British cruise ship

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on January 13, 2011

A two-week cruise with hundreds of passengers on board went into safety protocol in the Indian Ocean after pirates approached the ship.

Cruisers aboard the Spirit of Adventure were having a formal dinner when the captain informed them that pirates had been picked up on the radar. The 350 passengers were then escorted to the ship’s main lounge by its 200 crewmembers were they waited for the danger to pass.

The Spirit of Adventure was on a £2,000 a head journey when the pirates advanced it. Owned by British firm Acromas, which has Saga and AA as well, the luxury cruise ship was 100 miles from the Tanzanian coastline when the incident occurred.

According to spokesperson Paul Green, pirates were a hundred metres from the ship when the passengers were escorted to safety. He added that the pirates were first spotted on radar and as is standard protocol safety procedures were followed until the ship reached ten nautical miles away from the cruiser.

Just days before passengers watched a 45-minute presentation on safety that addressed the very issue of what to do if pirates attack.

Mr Green added that all appropriate naval authorities had been alerted and the all-clear was given 45 minutes later after the ship was a safe distance away.

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