Police launch major Cambridgeshire burglary operation

by Alister POOLE on March 1, 2012

Police in Cambridgeshire have launched an operation to investigate over 200 burglaries that have recently occurred across rural parts of the county.

Operation Twist detectives believe that the burglaries are linked and that thieves continue to travel to the county in order to commit offences. So far, 115 burglaries have been reported in the Huntingdonshire area since November, with a further 113 reported in southern Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire Police Detective Inspector Jon McAdam, who is leading the operation, commented that the burglaries in Huntingdonshire and southern Cambridgeshire are believed to be linked. McAdam added that Operation Twist will see increased patrols across rural villages in addition to forensic work targeted at finding those responsible.

Detective Inspector McAdam said that highlighting the operation isn’t designed to scare any residents, adding that there is less than a one per cent chance of residents becoming a  victim of theft. In the two mentioned areas of the country, there is just one burglary per day.

Despite this though, McAdam concluded that it is always important for awareness to be raised as the public plays a crucial part in preventing further offences and catching those responsible. Detectives believe that burglars have been targeting homes in the daytime, often using the rear of a property to break in.

The offences’ sporadic nature suggests that offenders aren’t from Cambridgeshire and have travelled to the county specifcally to commit crimes. Any residents of Cambridgeshire or elsewhere that would like contents insurance can head to www.contents-insurance.co.uk and receive a household insurance quote.

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