Poll Finds Most Ok with Full Body Scanners

by William ASTON on January 22, 2010

Airports have once again been forced to revamp their security measures after an attempted bombing on Christmas day in which a young Nigerian man tried to detonate an explosive device on a trans-Atlantic flight heading to Detroit.  The United Kingdom and United States are both wondering how this man, who was one both country’s terrorist watch list, was able to sneak a bomb through two international airports without being detected.  The man was able to conceal the device in his underwear, a hiding spot that no metal detector or even multiple pat downs would be likely to detect.  This is what has led the UK to look at new methods to try to stop further attacks, including using full body scanners in UK airports.

Even though full body scanners offer more security than traditional methods there has been a large amount of outcry against their use.  Many people claim that the machines would offer airport personnel a free glimpse of each passenger naked, which could lead to potential problems of people saving and later spreading those images on the internet.  The other issue is that minors will be going through the scanners, which means what amounts to naked photos will be taken of children.  Even though there are concerns, a recent poll shows that most people still support the idea.  A recent poll by Skyscanner revealed that nearly two thirds of those polled said that they were okay with full body scans.  Most of those polled said that they were in favor because scanners would speed up lines and increase security.

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