Post Office Recommends Travel Insurance for Skiers

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on January 25, 2010

Last year’s terrible economy slowed down many travelers, as they felt it wouldn’t be prudent to take a vacation in the midst of a recession and decided it was better just to stay home.  This damaged the travel and tourism industry immensely, especially high end hotels and resorts, as luxuries are the first things to go in times of trouble.  This was especially true for ski resorts, which saw their numbers plummet in the last year, as people looked for less expensive ways to spend their holiday.  A recent report showed that that ski resorts can expect much larger numbers in the upcoming year, as eighty percent of those who said that they didn’t take a ski trip last year have already decided to take one this year.  The Post Office of the UK is now urging these skiers to purchase travel insurance before they go.

Travel insurance is always a good idea and the Post Office is now reminding those who are going on ski trips that they don’t want to get stranded in a bad situation with no way to pay for it.  The Post Office Travel Insurance is also reminding people to read all of the details of their contract to ensure that it covers winter sport activities as many policies try to hide this caveat in the small print.  Not only can travel insurance cover the costs of potential injuries, but for those traveling with expensive ski equipment, it can also cover theft.  They also advise that multi trip travel insurance can be a better bargain than buying it each time.

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