Potential airline fat tax recieves backing

by Alister POOLE on April 25, 2012

A new survey has suggested that the proposition of additional charges for overweight fliers will find support.

Overweight fliers might have to pay extra costs in the same manner that passengers must pay for any excess baggage and almost half of Britons believe that these passengers must be charged when boarding a flight, the survey has suggested.  At least 51 per cent of men that were questioned stated a belief that obese passengers must pay due to the contribution they make to excess fuel consumption.

The controversial measure, often dubbed a “fat tax”, was considered by Ryanair in previous years, after a survey that was conducted by the carrier suggested that a third of passengers would support such measures being taken. Some airlines already encourage their obese customers to pay for an extra seat should they be unable to comfortably fit into just one.

An ex-economist for the Australian flagship carrier Qantas also recently spoke on the issue  by saying that if some passengers on the aircraft do weigh more than usual, the plane does consume more fuel and the costs the airline has to deal with go up. This latest survey, conducted by HolidayExtras.com, discovered that at least 48 per cent of those questioned are in favour of obese fliers being hit with extra charges.

The head of HolidayExtras.com’s Online Partnerships department, James Lewis, commented that the planet is getting fatter – which makes the fat tax debate a big issue.

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