Premier Inn announces nine new properties in Scotland

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on April 13, 2010

Owners of Premier Inn, Whitbread PLC, have announced their latest site acquisition. The brand new 210-bedroom hotel will be constructed on West Nile Street in Glasgow. A former office block that sits vacant, the Premier Inn hotel will now sit where the empty office building is currently.

The deal was closed with ING earlier in the week with overall investments from Whitbread and their developing partners reaching £10.5m. The high-quality budget inn is expected to bring at least 50 jobs to the local economy when it goes in later this year.

The acquired property is part of Whitbread’s strategy to pursue sustainable growth throughout Scotland. The hotel and restaurant developer will continue to seek opportunities to expand upon existing business infrastructure across Scotland.

Currently, the company has at least nine Premier Inn hotels and restaurants planned for Scotland. These development plans represent a portfolio for the company of £42.65 million in investments and when completed will represent about 420 new jobs. Currently, Premier Inn has 53 existing locations throughout Scotland. Once the latest set of nine properties are completed, the company’s Scottish portfolio will increase to include 62 properties.

All nine properties will be completed by Spring of 2012. The establishments will be completed on a phase-based scheme beginning in Autumn of 2010 and ending with the last one open in 2012.

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