Queen Takes Train to Norfolk

by William ASTON on December 25, 2009

As the United Nations summit on climate change comes to an end, the world waits to see what, if any, results will come of the event.   Air travel is expected to be one of the hottest issues at the summit and the industry that may be most affected by new regulations regarding carbon emissions.  This may lead to increased taxes for airlines that will cause them to cut flights and in some cases, shutdown entirely.  Some environmental groups have suggested that there will be a day when traveling by a traditional airplane will be viewed with the same social disdain as smoking in public.  Recently, one famous passenger did her part to promote train travel, and most people didn’t even notice.

Passengers on the 10:45 train that started in King’s Cross and ended in King’s Lynn would have been shocked to know that they were traveling with one of the most famous and recognizable women in the world.  In an effort to show that she is being more frugal and trying to raise her green credentials, the Queen of England, accompanied by just one guard, took the train from King’s Cross to King’s Lynn.  As the Queen traveled to Norfolk most didn’t even notice, although she did encourage the event to be photographed, in an effort that many believe was to undo the bad publicity caused when Prince Charles traveled to the Copenhagen climate summit in a private jet.

Many already see the Royal Family as nothing more than a drain on society and Prince Charles’ act of hypocrisy only strengthened the argument.

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