Radisson Hotels Launch New Mobile Services

by William ASTON on September 25, 2009

Radisson Hotels have announced a new program which hopes to use mobile technology to offer more services to its customers in Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.  Radisson is joining forces with Mobile Travel Technologies, a mobile technology company out of Dublin, to offer new services which will use a combination of mobile technology and SMS.  Trying to take advantage of the trends of more comprehensive cell phone use by customers, Radisson hopes to appeal to those generation X and Y’ers who do practically everything on their mobile phones.

The new service will let travelers to instantly respond to promotions from the hotel via their mobile phone.  Using a combination of mobile web and SMS technology,  the service will not only allow customers to respond instantly to promotions, but will also enable them to make reservations, view hotel information,  access existing bookings, and view pictures of the hotel, along with directions on how to get there.

Radisson hopes this adds a new facet to their marketing, as customers can get real time information about promotions and respond instantly via their mobile phone.  This will allow Radisson to communicate directly with their customers, who are increasingly using their mobile phone devices instead of email.

Radisson will take advantage of an SMS service which will allow them to contact their customers directly with personalized, up to the minute text messages.  This will allow customers to have information about potential last minute bargains and promotions, which Radisson hopes will lead to more late bookings, as well as increased contact with the customer.

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